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About us

Aurigin Resources Incorporated (Aurigin) is a mining and exploration company currently focused on the exploration and development of gold properties in the East African region. The combination of highly prospective assets in underexplored regions of west Ethiopia and the Handeni district in north-eastern Tanzania has created a single company focused on exploring for gold along the great rift valley of East Africa.

Aurigin intends to become a consolidator of assets and ultimately gold producer of choice on the Arabian - Nubian Shield. The company is in the process of building a portfolio of gold assets from grass-roots exploration through to production. The company strategy is to prove up significant gold resources in emerging gold regions, either stand-alone or in various forms of partnerships, capitalizing where possible on early mover advantage.

Western Ethiopia

Aurigin seeks to unlock Ethiopia’s promising gold industry – an underexplored region with huge potential – and holds licenses over four blocks totalling 402km2 with known gold deposits.  

Eastern Tanzania

The Handeni district in Tanzania, though relatively unexplored to date, hosts a known gold-bearing belt where mineral deposits have been identified by artisanal miners. Aurigin holds 2 contiguous licenses totalling 200km² for gold exploration and has done significant exploration work to date.