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Glossary of Terms

The following is a glossary of certain general terms used on the Aurigin Resources Incorporated website.


“Aeromagnetic” means the measurement of the earth's magnetic field using airborne instruments

“Airborne magnetic surveys” Means surveys flown by helicopter or fixed wing aircraft to measure the magnetic susceptibility of rocks at or near the earth’s surface

“Alteration”means changes in the mineralogical composition of a rock as a result of physical or chemical processes such as weathering or penetration by hydrothermal fluids

“Amphibolite” means a granular metamorphic rock consisting mainly of hornblende and plagioclase

“Anomaly” (geochemical) Means an above-average concentration of a chemical element in a sample of rock, soil, vegetation, stream, or sediment; indicative of nearby mineral deposit

“Arabian-Nubian Shield” The Arabian-Nubian Shield is an exposure of Precambrian crystalline rocks on the flanks of the Red Sea. The crystalline rocks are mostly Neoproterozoic in age

“Archaean” refers to a geological period between about 25 00 and 4 000 million years ago

“Artisanal Mining” An artisanal miner or small-scale miner is, in effect, a subsistence miner. They are not officially employed by a mining company, but rather work independently, mining or panning for gold using their own resources

“Assay” means to test ores or minerals by chemical or other methods to determine its ingredients and/or quality

 “Au” means gold

“Auriferous” means containing gold

“Blue Sky potential” means after evaluating any mineral property, there are regions which do not fall within the resource categories and hence not evaluated. The blue sky potential is the potential related to the left over areas

“Boudinaged” refers to a structure which is sometimes present in metamorphic rocks apparently as a result of tension and in which a competent bed is thinned and thickened so that it resembles in cross section a string of sausages

“CEO”means Chief Executive Officer

“CFO”means Chief Financial Officer

“Chalcopyrite” A yellow mineral consisting of copper-iron sulfide, the principal ore of copper

“Claim” means a mining interest giving its holder the right to prospect, explore for and exploit minerals within a defined area

“Carbonate” refers to arock, usually of sedimentary origin, composed primarily of calcium, magnesium or iron and CO3

“DD” means diamond drilling

“Deposit”means an informal term for an accumulation of mineral ores

“Diamond Drilling” is a method of gaining cylindrical core of rock by drilling with a diamond set or diamond impregnated bit

 “Exploration Stage” means a prospect that is not yet in either the development or production stage

“Feasibility Study” means an engineering study designed to define the technical, economic, and legal viability of a mining project with a high degree of reliability

“Formation” means a distinct layer of sedimentary rock of similar composition

“Gold Fields”refers to Gold Fields Netherlands Services BV

“NI 43-101”means National Instrument 43-101 – Standard of Disclosure for Mineral Projects, of the Canadian Securities Administrator

“Technical Reports”means, collectively, the Dul-Menghe & Agusha Technical Report

“VP” Vice President