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Handeni District

The Handeni District is located within the Usagaran Belt in north-eastern Tanzania. Recent work has resulted in the identification of prospective Archaean remnants within the Usagaran Belt. These are now considered to represent easterly extensions of an Archaean superterrane which included the Sukumuland region of the Lake Victoria Goldfields. This area now hosts most of the known major gold deposits in Tanzania. Based largely on aeromagnetic data and field checking, amphibolite belts in the Handeni region have been recognized as similar in size and shape to the greenstone belts of the Lake Victoria Goldfields.

By inference, the Handeni region can be considered as hosting Archaean orogenic gold deposits similar to those in the Sukumaland region, but overprinted by high-grade Neoproterozoic metamorphism (Groves, 2010). The discovery of gold in the Handeni-Negero region in 2003, and subsequent ongoing artisanal mining operations in the region, provides support for future prospecting projects. The Handeni region is considered as an emerging gold province in Tanzania.